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Religious wall art is the expression of ideas, questions, and experience and, of course, the spectrum of human emotion. From our earliest days, human beings have felt compelled to express through art. We have come a long way from the days of crude drawings on cave walls, but some themes have endured from those fire-lit efforts and religion is one of them. Some of the oldest petroglyphs on earth include symbols of nature arranged in ways that seem to reflect beliefs and rituals associated with those beliefs. Religious wall art has a long, rich, dignified history and is alive and well today.

The art associated with fervent religious belief is a moving expression of universal human traits. It represents hope, fear, reverence, and the desire to believe that some force bigger and better than we are can influence our existence in bigger and better ways. Both devout and secular people appreciate and relate to these themes.

When choosing wall art for your home, considering religious wall art will offer you a nearly endless array of options. Christian art alone covers a breadth of work so vast that it’s difficult to summarize. Portraits of Jesus, Mary and other central Christian figures can be found in every style imaginable. Christian art ranges from the serene to the disturbing and from abstract (symbols and stained glass art) to highly realistic (Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel) depictions of events in the Bible.

There’s Buddhist art, Hindu art, Islamic art, Jewish Art, Tribal Art, Shamanic Art, Pagan Art, Sikh and Baha’i art. Regardless of your own beliefs, cultural or ethnic background, you are certain to find religious wall art that suits both your affiliation and your style.

For people with no religious associations, there is also a great deal of universally spiritual art that addresses ideals of inter-connection, love, charity, protection, redemption and gratitude. When selecting wall art, a unifying theme is often suggested. It might be interesting to compile pieces from various religious traditions that all reflect one of those concepts.