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December 2013


The Medieval Art Of The Unicorn Tapestry Series


Those with an appreciable understanding of art know that woven textile artwork or tapestries were a centerpiece of the medieval time period and the Renaissance. Tapestry art not only provided incredible decorative advantages to ancient buildings but it also provided real functionality in terms of keeping buildings warm during the winter. [Continue Reading]


Medieval Tapestries: True Works of Art


Medieval tapestries can clearly be considered works of art. The intricate designs are a sight to behold, and you can not help but marvel at all the effort put into creating the genuine quality they represent. If you look closely at every detail, you will likely be amazed and will consider these tapestries something that should be displayed in a museum. [Continue Reading]


November 2013


The Unicron Defends Himself

There are a number of original tapestries that date back to ancient times on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Located in New York City the Cloisters Museum has some of the most unique and original works of art featuring unicorns found anywhere in the world. This medieval art has been an inspiration for the creators of replica tapestries for many centuries. [Continue Reading]


Discover Wall Art On Twitter

Twitter is a world-class online social media platform that has seen amazing growth in recent years. The platform allows people to share short and simple messages. This type of communication is sometimes known as micro-blogging. Because users are able to share their thoughts, notions and feeling, the platform has quickly become one of the most popular social networks on the Internet today. [Continue Reading]


The 4 Easiest Ways To Improve Your Home Décor With Tapestries

A beautiful tapestry with stunning and vibrant colors can be better enjoyed with an increased level of lighting. These combined benefits can make the idea of incorporating a mirror into a room where tapestries adorn the walls and excellent interior design option.  [Continue Reading]


Learn 5 Simple Tapestry Tricks For Decorating Your Walls

Large bold accessories such as oversized paintings and abstract art as well as other unique artistic creations can serve to complement a wall tapestry perfectly. Attention grabbing accessories should be unique and personal, however, they should not overwhelm a room and distract from other key pieces such as the wall tapestry itself.  [Continue Reading]