Lions of Chauvet Flanders Wall Tapestry

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Woven In: Woven in Belgium
History: Lions of Chauvet is a jacquard wall art decor tapestry made in Belgium. This tapestry is taken from the cave Chauvet-Pont-dArc. It dates from 31,000 years ago. What is remarkable in comparison to other caves, is that these predatory animals are displayed in motion, the shading and perspective techniques utilized to represent the lions is quite remarkable as well. This paleolithic art piece brings a sense of wonder and brilliance into your home serving as a testament to the human species and our ever reaching quest for knowledge and the growth of culture.
Primary Color: Cream
Secondary Color: Brown,Cream,Yellow
Use: Wall Decor Art a stylish & modern way to decorate your home.
Product Care: Gently vacuum every 6 months. Dry clean only- when required.
Composition: Cotton, Treveria, and Wool Blend
Finish: Backed with lining and tunnel for easy hanging.
Background : Beige

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